Port authority NYC map

Map of port authority NYC. Port authority NYC map (New York - USA) to print. Port authority NYC map (New York - USA) to download. The Port Authority Bus Terminal (PABT) of NYC is the main gateway for interstate buses into Manhattan in NYC. Port authority NYC is owned and operated by the Port Authority of NYC and New Jersey (PANYNJ). Colloquially called the Port Authority, the bus terminal is located in Midtown at 625 8th Avenue, one block east of the Lincoln Tunnel and one block west of Times Square as its shown in port authority NYC map.

Map of port authority NYC

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Port authority NYC serves as a terminus and departure point for both commuter routes as well as for long-distance intercity routes, and is a major transit hub for New Jerseyans. The terminal of port authority NYC is the largest in the United States and the busiest in the world by volume of traffic, serving about 7,000 buses and 200,000 people on an average weekday. Port authority NYC has 223 departure gates and 1250 car parking spaces as its mentioned in port authority NYC map, as well as commercial and retail space.
The port authority NYC, opened in 1950 between 8th and 9th Avenues and 40th and 41st Streets, was built to consolidate the many different private terminals spread across Midtown Manhattan as its shown in port authority NYC map. A second wing extending to 42nd Street was added in 1979. The terminal of port authority NYC has reached peak hour capacity leading to congestion and overflow on local streets. As it does not allow for layover parking buses are required to use local streets or lots or return through the tunnel empty.