NYC ferry map

New York ferry map. NYC ferry map (New York - USA) to print. NYC ferry map (New York - USA) to download. The Staten Island Ferry is a passenger ferry service operated by the NYC Department of Transportation that runs between the boroughs of Manhattan and Staten Island. The ferry departs Manhattan from the Staten Island Ferry Whitehall Terminal, South Ferry, at the southernmost tip of Manhattan near Battery Park as its shown in NYC ferry map. On Staten Island, the ferry arrives and departs from St. George Ferry Terminal on Richmond Terrace, near Richmond County Borough Hall and Richmond County Supreme Court.
The Staten Island Ferry is quite a reliable form of mass transit in NYC, with an on-time performance of over 96 percent. The Staten Island Ferry has been a municipal service since 1905, and currently carries over 21 million passengers annually on the 5.2-mile (8.4 km) run. The five-mile (8 km) journey takes about 25 minutes each way as its mentioned in NYC ferry map. The NYC ferry is free of charge, though riders must disembark at each terminal and reenter through the terminal building for a round trip to comply with Coast Guard regulations regarding vessel capacity and the placeholding optical turnstiles at both terminals.
In the 18th century, ferry service between Staten Island and the NYC (then occupying only the southern tip of Manhattan) was conducted by private individuals with "periaugers", (iepirogues) shallow-draft, two-masted sailboats used for local traffic in NYC harbor. In the early 19th century, Vice President (and former New York governor) Daniel D. Tompkins secured a charter for the Richmond Turnpike Company, as part of his efforts to develop the village of Tompkinsville; though intended to build a highway across Staten Island, the company also received the right to run a ferry to NYC as you can see in NYC ferry map.
Today the Staten Island Ferry of NYC annually carries over 19 million passengers on a 5.2-mile (8.4-km) run that takes approximately 25 minutes each way as its shown in NYC ferry map. NYC ferry service is provided 24 hours a day, every day. Each day approximately five boats transport about 75,000 passengers during 104 boat trips. Over 33,000 trips are made annually.