New York transit map

NYC mass transit map. New York transit map (New York - USA) to print. New York transit map (New York - USA) to download. New York transit network is the most extensive in North America. About one in every three users of mass transit in the United States and two-thirds of the nation rail riders are residents of New York City, or its suburbs as its shown in New York transit map. Data from the 2000 U.S. Census reveals that New York is the only locality in the United States where more than half of all households do not own a car (the figure is even higher in Manhattan, over 75 percent). While nearly 90 percent of Americans drive to their jobs, mass transit is the primary form of travel for New Yorkers.
The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) operates most of New York City transit systems as its mentioned in New York transit map. Using census data, the MTA reported in August 2006 that ridership on its buses, subways and commuter trains in recent years has grown faster than population growth, indicating that more New Yorkers are choosing to use mass transit.
With nearly 4.5 million people riding the New York transit network each weekday, the system is a major venue for commerce, entertainment and political activism. Life in the city is so dependent on the subway that New York City is home to two of only three 24 hour subway systems in the world (see New York transit map). Campaigning at subway stations is a staple of New York elections akin to candidate appearances at small town diners during presidential campaigns in the rest of the country.
One outcome of New York extensive mass transit use is a robust local newspaper industry. The readership of many New York dailies is comprised in large part by transit riders who read during their commutes (see New York transit map). The three-day transit strike in December 2005 briefly depressed circulation figures, underscoring the relationship between New York commuting culture and newspaper readership.