Citibike map

Citi bike map NYC. Citibike map (New York - USA) to print. Citibike map (New York - USA) to download. Paris has its bicycles and New York has its Citibike. Since Memorial Day 2013, it is possible to rent a citibike to ride around New York City or simply to move from one point to another as its shown in citibike map. Discover all the things you need to know to use this mode of transportation in New York before setting off with your hair in the wind on the streets of NY with citibike.
New York Citibike is, as in other major American and European cities, a bicycle system freely available to residents. With a subscription, you can ride around the city and pedal anywhere on one of the thousands of bikes, taken from one of the 332 bike stations as its mentioned in citibike map. Bicycles are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and all year round. The locations of citibike have been specially chosen based on neighborhood demand and existing public transportation, for greater accessibility.
All you need to do to use citibike is buy a 24h, 3 days (72h) or 1 week pass (you will ride with this) and have $101 in your bank account for the deposit. A code of citibike is then revealed to you, and after entering it, you can warm up the pedals. You have the right to ride a bike as many times as you want during the period of your subscription, in 30 minute increments for the 24h and 3 day passes (see citibike map).
Bicycles can only be kept for 45 minutes for the annual package, and 30 minutes for the 24h and 3 days package. So for example: you stay one week in New York City, so you decide to take a 3-day citibike package. You unlock your citibike at 11:22 am exactly at the Union Square bike station. So you will have to reattach your bike to any Citibike station in New York before 11:52 am (30 minutes later) as you can see in citibike map.
These are citybikes with a very sturdy frame, a low center of gravity for maximum stability and balance. Each bike has 3 speeds, a bell, rear and front lights, LED indicators and a luggage rack. The saddles can be raised or lowered depending on the size of the person. Helmets are not mandatory for children over 13 years old. They are of course highly recommended. Funded by the private sector and in particular the banking company Citi Bank, the Citibike program provides users with 8,000 bicycles distributed among 500 stations in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, New Jersey as its shown in citibike map.