NYC landmarks map

NYC map with landmarks. NYC landmarks map (New York - USA) to print. NYC landmarks map (New York - USA) to download. NYC landmarks like the Empire State Building and the Statue of Liberty are perennial favorites as its shown in NYC landmarks map. It is practically impossible to imagine the sparkling NYC skyline without the iconic Empire State Building. A famed piece of Art Deco architecture that took over 400 days to structurally complete, the skyscraper reaches an astonishing height of 1,454-feet—and while it is no longer the tallest building in NYC, it held that title for several decades following its 1931 completion date.

NYC map with landmarks

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Lady Liberty—or Liberty Enlightening the World, as she is officially known—was a gift from France on America 100th birthday as its mentioned in NYC landmarks map. A universal symbol of freedom that welcomed over 10 million immigrants sailing past to Ellis Island during the turn of the 20th century, the copper-plated sentinel stands 305 feet tall from the bottom of her base to the tip of her torch, it is one of the best landmarks in NYC.
NYC Guggenheim is as famous for its landmark building—designed by Frank Lloyd Wright and restored on its 50th birthday in 2009—as it is for its impressive collection and daring temporary art shows. Part of a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum as its shown in NYC landmarks map is an architectural icon that has inspired countless visitors and is widely seen as Frank Lloyd Wright masterpiece.