NYC topographic map

Map of NYC topographic. NYC topographic map (New York - USA) to print. NYC topographic map (New York - USA) to download. NYC is located in the middle of what is known as the BosWash megalopolis, 218 miles (350 km) driving distance from Boston and 232 miles (373 km) from Washington, D.C. as its shown in NYC topographic map. The city of NYC is situated on the three major topographic islands of Manhattan, Staten Island, and on western Long Island (Brooklyn and Queens), as well as on the mainland in the Bronx. There are also some smaller islands in the surrounding waters of NYC, including Ellis Island, Governors Island, Liberty Island, Roosevelt Island, and small islands located in Jamaica Bay.

Map of NYC topographic

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NYC highest peaks are found in the Adirondacks: Mt. March, 5,344 feet (1,629 meters), and the topographic Algonquin Peak, 5,114 feet (1,559 meters) as its mentioned in NYC topographic map. NYC is nestled among the Adirondacks are many scenic lakes, including Lake Placid, Saranac Lake, and Lake George. NYC is also the source of the Hudson and Ausable rivers. The Adirondack Forest Preserve covers much of this terrain, and both public and private lakes are mainly for recreational use.
The Adirondacks cover most of the northeast and occupy about one-fourth of NYC total area as you can see in NYC topographic map. The topographic Appalachian Highlands, including the Catskill Mountains and Kittatinny Mountain Ridge (or Shawangunk Mountains), extend across the southern half of the state, from the Hudson River Valley to the basin of Lake Erie. Between these two upland regions, and also along the NYC state northern and eastern borders, lies a network of lowlands, including the Great Lakes Plain; the Hudson, Mohawk, Lake Champlain, and St. Lawrence valleys; and the coastal areas of NYC and Long Island.