NYC marathon elevation map

New York marathon elevation map. NYC marathon elevation map (New York - USA) to print. NYC marathon elevation map (New York - USA) to download. The NYC marathon course elevation shows that the NYC marathon course is deceptively hilly and the crowds (both fellow runners and the spectators) can distort your sense of pace. You will need to pay special attention to your pace and how you control your effort throughout the race. The first mile is deceptively uphill as its shown in NYC marathon elevation map. The best strategy is to feel that the pace is too slow through Brooklyn and holding back until coming down the other side of the bridge just past half marathon.

New York marathon elevation map

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Although the NYC Marathon is a challenging course due to its high elevation, it is one that will draw your strength out through your spirit. There is a reason that NYC marathon is one of the greatest in the world, with the sweeping views of the skyline, the contagious energy of the crowds, and the epic finish in Central Park as its mentioned in NYC marathon elevation map.
Mile two in NYC marathon is mostly downhill and flat so it will be fast as you can see in NYC marathon elevation map. Mile three elevation is also up and then down, so it will be another average mile but now you are out of Prospect Park, finally, and heading towards the Manhattan bridge thru Flatbush, which is, quite, and literally, FLAT. Mile four of NYC marathon will go so quickly with the excitement of the bridge coming towards you, that you won’t even notice the climb. It is uphill for about a mile, 4.3 to 5.3, pretty brutal but so amazing and worth it. I can not even tell you how insanely scenic Mile five is.