New York map 1800

Map of New York City 1800. New York map 1800 (New York - USA) to print. New York map 1800 (New York - USA) to download. Despite the loss of the national government, New York population skyrocketed in 1781–1800, and New York became America largest city as its shown in New York map 1800. Once again trade grew rapidly, and not even the War of 1812 hindered development; an auction system for surplus British merchandise dumped in New York solidified the city economic position after 1816.

Map of New York City 1800

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By the mid of 1800 New York handled more goods and people than all the other American ports combined. Throughout most of the 1800, New York City was dominated by a political machine known as Tammany Hall as its mentioned in New York map 1800. From humble roots as a social club, Tammany became immensely powerful and was the hotbed of legendary corruption. In the late 1800, the most famous cop in New York City was a tough Irish detective who said he could extract confessions by a clever method he called "the third degree."