New York subway map with streets

New York street map with subway stations. New York subway map with streets (New York - USA) to print. New York subway map with streets (New York - USA) to download. When the IRT subway of New York debuted in 1904, the typical tunnel construction method was cut-and-cover. The New York street was torn up to dig the tunnel below before being rebuilt from above. This method worked well for digging soft dirt and gravel near the street surface. However, mining shields were required for deeper subway sections, such as the Harlem and East River tunnels, which uses cast-iron tubes, segments between 33rd and 42nd streets under Park Avenue, 116th Street and 120th Street under Broadway, and 157th Street and Fort George under Broadway and Saint Nicholas Avenue as well as the tunnel from 96th Street to Central Park North - 110th Street & Lenox Avenue, all of which used either rock or concrete-lined tunnels as its shown in New York subway map with streets.

New York street map with subway stations

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The September 11th attacks in New York resulted in service disruptions on New York subway lines running through Lower Manhattan, particularly the IRT Broadway – Seventh street Line as its mentioned in New York subway map with streets, which ran directly underneath the World Trade Center between the Chambers Street and Rector Street stations. New York subway sections of the tunnel, as well as the Cortlandt Street station, which was directly underneath the Twin Towers, were severely damaged by the collapse and had to be rebuilt, requiring suspension of service on that line south of Chambers Street.
The purpose of splitting the platforms in New York is to limit overcrowding by preventing cross-platform interchanges between local and express subway services. This occurs at Atlantic Avenue – Barclays Center on the IRT Eastern Parkway Line (2 3 4 5 trains) with the adjacent express station Nevins Street, where the connection is to the Atlantic Terminal of the Long Island Rail Road as you can see in New York subway map with streets; and 34th Street – Penn Station on both the IRT Broadway – Seventh Avenue Line (1 2 3 trains) and IND Eighth Avenue Line (A C E trains), with adjacent subway express stations at Times Square – 42nd Street and 42nd Street – Port Authority Bus Terminal, where a connection is available to Pennsylvania Station, one of the two major Manhattan train stations.