Soho NYC map

Soho New York map. Soho NYC map (New York - USA) to print. Soho NYC map (New York - USA) to download. Soho, NYC is a shopping enclave full of high-end boutiques and buzzworthy pop-up shops, as well as a sea of street vendors touting designer knockoffs in the form of sunglasses, handbags and scarves as its shown in soho NYC map. Just make sure to save some change—and your phone battery—so you can grab coffee and a pastry from one of the many Instagrammable cafes and eateries packed into the downtown nabe of soho NYC. But do not write off soho NYC as a mere urban shopping mall.
Though many of the art galleries that made soho NYC a contemporary-art hot spot in the 1970s and 80s decamped to Chelsea and the Lower East Side, some excellent art spaces remain as its mentioned in soho NYC map. Walk along the cobblestone streets of soho and find great NYC restaurants, bars and things to do in this downtown neighborhood.
While the Upper East side takes the cake for window shopping, Nolita & soho NYC win the prize for having the best selection of shops you can actually afford. Sure, there are some high-end designer brands down this side of soho NYC too, but we love the mix of window-lusting and quirky boutiques you can meander and buy a whole new wardrobe as you can see in soho NYC map.