Harlem map NYC

Map of harlem New York. Harlem map NYC (New York - USA) to print. Harlem map NYC (New York - USA) to download. Harlem is known for its soul food and NYC attractions such as the Apollo Theater and its history as its shown in harlem map NYC. Noteworthy Harlem Renaissance leaders include Duke Ellington, Louis Armstrong, Zora Neale Hurston, Cab Calloway and more. Amid beloved landmarks in harlem, spend a day indulging in some of the nabe prize jewels: a bakery that serves cookies the size of your fist, a finger-lickin’-good eatery with ribs and the best BBQ that melts in your mouth and a no-frills music venue showcasing some of the best jazz musicians in NYC.

Map of harlem New York

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Harlem is world-famous for being a hub of African American heritage, and the neighborhood of NYC jazz clubs, soul-food restaurants and the iconic Apollo Theater remain as cultural testaments as its mentioned in harlem map NYC. Bordered by the Harlem River and the East River, the neighborhood of NYC occupies Upper Manhattan from about 96th Street to 155th Street.
You will find several parks including Morningside Park as you can see in harlem map NYC, Jackie Robinson Park, Marcus Garvey Park and St Nicholas Park, in harlem each with its own stretches of greenery, as well as farmer markets, playgrounds, pools and other outdoor recreation activities. Brownstones and townhouses predominate the harlem, as do newly developed luxury apartment buildings that speak to the hood recent gentrification. Shopping is centralized along 125th Street of Harlem NYC, where you will find a melange of mom-and-pop shops as well as department stores and tons of fine dining.