High line NYC map

High line New York map. High line NYC map (New York - USA) to print. High line NYC map (New York - USA) to download. Tourists and locals alike can agree on the high line NYC, an elevated park bursting with greenery, reclining patio chairs as its shown in high line NYC map, and an array of on-site eateries serving up wine, small plates, and gourmet desserts. Offering prime real estate for city sunbathers as well as gorgeous views of the sunset, the park of high line NYC is the perfect place to wile away a warm New York day.

High line New York map

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Measuring 2.3 km in length as its mentioned in high line NYC map, the high line NYC offers spectacular views of Manhattan as well as several activities. The high line NYC is one of New Yorkers' and tourists' favorite walks. This eco-friendly suspended park of high line NYC was built in 2009 on a disused railroad line along the western edge of Manhattan. Explore high line NYC on your own, take advantage of a free on-site visit offered on Tuesdays or choose a private tour to discover more details and enjoy a personalized experience.
The park of high line NYC is open late in the evening in the summer, allowing you to admire the illuminated Manhattan skyline. There are eleven entrances divided between the northernmost end of the railroad tracks on 34th Street West and the other end of the high line NYC on 14th Street West. The entrances are equipped with either stairs, elevators or ramps as you can see in high line NYC map.
In the 30s, high line NYC was an aerial railway and little by little it was transformed into a suspended park. The high line NYC runs through different neighbourhoods such as Meatpacking District and Chelsea. Luckily, the community rallied together to repurpose it instead, creating the park you see today, for everyone to enjoy. The high line NYC has since become a global inspiration for cities to transform unused industrial zones into dynamic public spaces as its shown in high line NYC map.