Broadway NYC map

Broadway New York map. Broadway NYC map (New York - USA) to print. Broadway NYC map (New York - USA) to download. Broadway NYC is one of the avenues in the borough of Manhattan, NYC, United States as its shown in broadway NYC map, which runs through almost the entire length of Manhattan island and continues northward through the Bronx borough before terminating in Westchester County, NYC. The broadway NYC is the oldest north–south main thoroughfare in the city, dating to the first New Amsterdam settlement. The name Broadway is the English literal translation of the Dutch name, Breede weg. Broadway NYC is known worldwide as the heart of the American theatre industry.

Broadway New York map

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Broadway NYC runs the length of Manhattan Island, from Bowling Green at the south, to Inwood at the northern tip of the island as its mentioned in broadway NYC map. South of Columbus Circle, broadway NYC is a one-way southbound street. Starting in 2009, vehicular traffic is banned at Times Square between 47th and 42nd Streets, and at Herald Square between 35th and 33rd Streets as part of a pilot program; the right-of-way is intact and reserved for cyclists and pedestrians.
Broadway, NYC thoroughfare that traverses the length of Manhattan as you can see in broadway NYC map, near the middle of which are clustered the theatres that have long made it the foremost showcase of commercial stage entertainment in the United States. The term Broadway NYC is virtually synonymous with American theatrical activity. Broadway NYC gained its name as the axis of an important theatre district in the mid-19th century, attracting impresarios with its central location and fashionable reputation.