EWR airport map

New York EWR airport map. EWR airport map (New York - USA) to print. EWR airport map (New York - USA) to download. EWR airport was developed on 68 acres of reclaimed land along the Passaic River by the City of Newark as its shown in EWR airport map and was the first major airport in the New York area, opening on October 1, 1928. The EWR Metropolitan Airport Terminal, once adorned with murals by Arshile Gorky and no longer used for passengers, is a National Historic Landmark. Dedicated in 1935 by Amelia Earhart it was North America first commercial airline terminal.

New York EWR airport map

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EWR airport covers 2,027 acres (820 ha) and has three runways and one helipad as its mentioned in EWR airport map. Runway 11/29 is part of the original paved runway system developed in the 1940s. In 1952, original Runways 1/19 and 6/24 were closed in response to concerns about obstructions and noise, and a modern Runway 4/22 (now 4R/22L) was commissioned at a length of 7,000 ft (2,100 m) This runway of EWR airport was later extended to 9,800 feet (3,000 m), shortened for a while to 9,300 ft (2,800 m) and finally brought to its present length by 2000. Runway 4L/22R opened in 1970 at a length of 8,200 ft (2,500 m) and was extended to its current dimensions by 2000.
EWR airport is an intermodal airport. A monorail system, AirTrain EWR, connects the terminals with the EWR airport Rail Link Station for connection to Amtrak and New Jersey Transit service (see EWR airport map). Passengers can use this connection to travel from EWR to any station along New Jersey Transit Northeast Corridor Line or North Jersey Coast Line, including regional transit hubs such as Newark Penn Station, Secaucus Junction, and New York Penn Station.
Within EWR airport complex is a Marriott hotel, the only hotel located on the airport property as you can see in EWR airport map. Shuttle vans stop at all EWR airport terminals to transport guests to the hotel because the Marriott is not serviced by the monorail and is not physically connected to any terminal. There are also a variety of hotels located adjacent to EWR airport including the Hilton EWR airport Hotel and Renaissance EWR airport Hotel.